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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Her Crazy World's New Home

Hello Everyone,
My blog has already found a new home. :)
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Thank you very much!

Lots of Love,
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

From Russia with Love... ♥

Shots from Nelai and Topher's Wedding Day...

Time flies really really fast...
It seems like it was only yesterday when our batch entered Misys as CPG trainees. 
Now, my friend Marnelli or more commonly known as Nelai, had already graduated - from the single's world. She just got married to Christopher, her best friend, her partner, the love of her life.

It was a beautiful and solemn Christian wedding held at The Glass Garden in Pasig City.
Lavender and silver gray was the color motif and the wedding was very Russian-inspired. Surely because, their love story sparkled in Russia four years ago. Who would have thought that two people working in the same company in Manila, who barely knows each other in their country, would cross path and meet each other's heart, hundreds and thousands of miles away. You can really never tell when and where you'll gonna fall in love and meet the right one... ♥ 

I have always been a fan of weddings and anything related to it - from arrangements of the little details to the actual big event, from pre-nup pictorials to onsite wedding photography, from the bridal walk to the exchange of vows... everything. This special moment was full of love and I looove it! If I'm not a technical consultant, I would probably be a designer, a wedding planner or a photographer. :)

The cute invitation, the cake with the Matryoshka dolls, the floral accents and vase on each table

Entourage from Misys CPG Batch 25: Donna, Jaypee and Val.
Really nice to see them all dressed up, minsan lang to mangyari haha

Beautiful people.... kau na! hehe...
and next in line to Nelai...soon to be bride... :)
Principal Sponsors: Gorgeous Donya Mommy Annie and Ms. Belen
Cutie little Carlo... super  kulit!

Carlo! What are you doing? Walk na...

Lagot ka kay Mommy Nads! :

The Bride - Marnelli

The Groom - Christopher

Nelai while walking down the aisle...she was nearly in tears...
This moment made me teary-eyed while taking pictures... ;(

I'm so happy for you Nelai... you already found the guy that our dear Lord prepared for you. Wishing you all  the best in your married life. I pray that the Lord will always bless you and Topher, that you will honor and love each other for the rest of your life.

Hala natulog na...
Sinong antok?

My favorite number....will probably have mine on the 8th of  i-dunno-yet-month....

Okay that's all friends!
Apologies if some pictures are blurred - my camera and I just met. I'm still trying to get to know him...
Looking forward to the next wedding event... Whose wedding will it be? :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road.

I used to see this fantastic view from my room's balcony in Gloria Hotel. Taken on a sunset, around 5:30PM. The not so busy wide road in Dubai. It looks like the Alabang Skyway, but a better version. :)

I was in Dubai last November 25 to December 30, 2011.

In the morning, eating breakfast while watching the sun's rays touch the buildings, makes me feel blessed. Like I can see Him beaming to me and to the world, while saying "Good morning, my beautiful princess! Dress up, get ready, here's a new day for more of life's sweet adventure!"

Then during sunset, the slowly fading light of the sun triggers the transition of a bluish sky to an orangy pinkish purple shade, then finally to a charcoal gray night sky, with Mr. Moon and his dim light. This is His way of saying, "My daughter, you worked hard, you already enjoyed the day, time to rest... Have a good night..."

I miss this view.... can't see it anymore from my new room... ;( 

Anyway, He might be thinking of other ways of greeting me in the morning and bidding me good night at the end of the day. Wonder what is it... :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pure Love - 49 Days

My first week in Dubai was really hectic. I was faced with a lot of work and barely had leisure time. But despite of the busy schedule, I tried to really squeeze some time for watching this.

A Korean Drama series. 49 Days.
In Manila, ABS-CBN dubbed and televised this with a different title - Pure Love.
Ji Hyun - the beautiful and only daughter of a wealthy business man, was left in a coma after meeting a tragic car accident, a day before her wedding to Kang Min Ho. She was given a second to chance to regain her life but it came with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her within the 49-day period. In order to do this, she borrowed the body of Yi Kyung, a depressed woman who suffers from loss of her beloved boyfriend.

Ji Hyun thought that collecting three genuine tears from the people who love her was easy. But while she used the body of Yi Kyung, she was faced with the ugly truth and betrayal of her own bestfriend and boyfriend. Sad right? :(

Anyway, ranking 2nd on my favorite Korean series list (it hasn't replaced Love Story in Harvard on the #1 spot Ü), 49 Days made me cry, cry and cry...

Kidding! :)
I really did not cry much. There were also lots of funny and sweet moments, especially between Yi Kyung and Han Kang (the good looking Manager of Heaven restaurant where Yi Kyung worked). They look good together! I was really hoping that they would end up with each other, but it wasn't like that. 

Kissing scenes are very minimal or should I say there were no kissing scenes at all. But who says scenes can't be sweet without a kiss? Oops! I can't really remember if they kissed. I have to watch it again... haha!

The story is quite unique compared to other Korean series. A cute ghost love story.  
Plus the fact that the casts are composed of beautiful, gorgeous and handsome Korean stars. 

On a serious note, this series made me think of the people who genuinely loves me. If I am in Ji Hyun's situation, will I be able to collect three tears? Or will I fail and just face death in the end? 

I'm scared to know the answer. I'm afraid that nobody loves me unconditionally, genuinely. 
I'm afraid that I have not lived a meaningful life and failed to show the people I love that I love and care for them. Afraid that I haven't touched people's lives. Afraid that I did not make a difference.

Sigh... this is the effect of living alone abroad + watching drama series.

Anyway, 49 Days is a must-see! Worth the hours. Enjoy watching! Annyeong! ♥

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Stranger!

Its a Saturday. 
I was suppose to go out with my high school friends but it did not push through.
So again, just like last night (Friday!) I decided to just stay home, open my laptop and catch a feel good movie...

This one is starting to climb up to my favorite list! ♥
I like it too much that I'm already writing something about it. :) 

Hello Stranger.
A romantic comedy Thai movie filmed in Seoul, Korea. 

Two strangers...
Two broken hearts...
One accidental meeting...
Countless crazy moments...
One trip...
One love story...

It was not my first time to watch this movie but it seemed, and I still feel like it is! 
I smiled (a lot..), laughed (as in laugh! they were just funny), and of course cried (my tears just can't help it!).  

This one was my favorite part of the movie. I find it very sweet and romantic. ♥
The moment when Dang puts the bonnet on May and then, he kissed her. They are starting to fall for each other, but...

...this was also the very moment when things got complicated for both of them. 

Can I relate to that? Hmm... maybe. I'm not sure.

But I remember a lot of things while watching this. Some already happened, some I hope or dream to happen. 

"I'm sorry. I'm stupid. I'm a bastard. I'm an idiot. 
I told you I'm not sure. I really don't know.
What does this feeling mean?
All I know, is that when I stay with you, I'm so happy.
Is this called love?"

For those who haven't watched it yet, please do! 
You'll gonna like it (if you're a romantic-type of person! hehehe...)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In a few years, you will be mine.

ALEXANDRA House and Lot with Linear Park

Lancaster ESTATES 450 hectares property covering Kawit, Imus, Gen. Trias Cavite
Near Island Cove just at the End Of Coastal Road EXTENSION (Cavitex)
Less than 30 MINS Travel From Baclaran or SM Mall of Asia

Project of PROFRIENDS Property Company of Friends

House Features
> Floor Area: 100 sq. m.
> Lot Area: 120 sq. m.
> Four (4) Bedrooms with Partitions
> Three (3) Toilet and Bath
> Living Area
> Dining Area
> Kitchen Area
> Balcony
> Provision for Lanai
> Provision for TWO (2) Car Garage

House Finishes
> Concrete roof tiles
> Powder coated aluminum window
> Pre-cast wall panels
> Painted sand blast finish for exterior walls
> Painted plain cement finish for interior walls
> Tiled kitchen counter with stainless kitched sink
> Tiled T&B with complete set of bathroom fixtures (inc. tissue and soap holder)
> Ceramic tile flooring for living, dining, and kitchen areas
> Vinyl tile flooring for bedrooms, hallway, and staircase
> Provision for CATV, telephone, and A/C outlet

Amenities and Facilities
> Parks and Playgrounds
> Entrance Gate
> With Existing Country Club and Swimming Pool
> 800 seats Catholic Church
> Shuttle Service to and from Major Establishments
> 24-hour Security
> Membership to the Country Club

A Poem for the Guy I Love...

A poem I made for the guy I once loved... my first true love.
Though we're no longer together, I still keep this poem as a precious memory of the good old days. 

Originally posted last November 11, 2006 


It was not my habit, to look at the night sky…
to gaze at the stars, which are far and so high…
…I never did adore…, their twinkling lights before...,
…they are dull and so selfish.., for denying my only favor…

I asked for him, and for his love to be true…
But what did they gave me…, a blinding pain I never knew…
Each night they shine above, denying me my one true love…
Each night they will remind me…, that one thing I cannot have…

I hated the stars…, I wished for them to be gone…
For if they are invisible, nothing is there to shine…
I could forget my agony, for the guy who loved me…
But like the stars, which hide during the day…
This guy left me… without a word to say…

Stars in the sky.., stars of the night…
Should I stop asking for your blinding light..?
It gives me pain, it shatters my emotions…
Coz wishing for him to love me…is nothing but sweet poison…
As you shine on me, this poison is slowly killing me…
Stars above the galaxy… help me find the other half of me…
And then one night…, they shine so bright…
But the twinkling is not a blinding light…
I wonder why, I asked them questions…
Coz I am feeling a tender passion…

Is this for real? Could this be true?
I am in love with a guy from you?
The stars had sent… their final light…
To open up my eyes… for this true love in sight…

This final light…, it gives me warmth…
Soothing from deep within my heart…
A lingering joy, of passion’s bliss…,
If this light is gone…, I will forever miss…

The stars above… please shine on me…
Be the witness for all my insanity…
You sent me love, you granted my wish…
Stars of heaven, you blessed me with these…

“Ever since the day I met you…
the stars began to shine so bright…
It’s a little bit weird…
but it really feels so right...
A love to have, my other half…
I thank the stars from up above…
You complete my life…, you gave me light…
You are my star throughout the night…

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bringing back an old hobby...

I used to write a lot, way back in high school and college.
(I'm not sure if I'm a good writer though...)

I write when I'm in love, happy, sad, frustrated or even when I'm mad.
Usually, I keep a notebook with me and write all the things I think and feel. 
My entries, more often than not, are lengthy ones and if you will ask me how many notebooks I had since high school days...well, I don't know. I could just say that there's a lot.

These notebooks are like my daily journal - my life's diary. It contains different stories, different characters. And whenever I browse through my old notes, I can't help but smile and think, "Did I really write this? Did this really happened?"

Maybe, writing is one my outlets, and perhaps, one of the things that I love doing.
Through this, I am able to express all my thoughts and emotions. I feel relieved and de-stressed after writing.
Well, I should say that for once, a notebook was my so called best friend.

Today, I have found a notebook, which I guess, will never run out of pages for my writings.
I'm bringing back this old hobby of mine, and I'm really excited to share my life to you and to rest of the online community.

Welcome to my crazy world! :)